Her words changed the world.

Stowe Center awarded funding for Collections Preservation Project

This grant, awarded in a highly competitive process, will improve, upgrade and expand the environmental conditions in Stowe’s 1871 home – ensuring the ongoing preservation and use of the Stowe Center’s most significant artifact.  What else does this mean?  Improved climate control and fire suppression for our irreplaceable collections.  
The Stowe collections carry a particular message to today’s public of a woman who, despite the restrictive environment of the 19th century, picked up her pen to write a story that moved hearts and minds and ultimately changed the country.  The collections are the stage for our mission to inspire positive action and change.

Katherine Kane commented, “Harriet Beecher Stowe’s impact on American society and culture is still being felt today. We are grateful to the NEH for this award, which will provide a strengthened foundation for our programming and ensure that future generations can be inspired by the most famous American woman of the 19th century.”