Her words changed the world.

Commemorative Stowe Quilt

Patricia Green of the Harwinton Woman’s Club visited the Stowe Center recently to select fabric from The American Woman’s Home Collection™ line for a quilt the group is creating in honor of Stowe’s 200th birthday.  The quilt will highlight different aspects of Stowe’s life and works. The chosen fabrics were inspired by objects and designs in the Stowe Center collections, and were produced by Windham Fabrics in collaboration with the Stowe Center. 

Each of the quilt squares is being hand-embroidered by a member of the Woman’s Club. Some of the images may include Stowe with President Lincoln, her portrait, her Hartford home and garden, images from Uncle Tom’s Cabin, and some of her famous quotations.  The quilt will be donated to the Stowe Center at Stowe’s birthday gala in June, and will be on display in the Visitor’s Center.  We can’t wait! 

The Harwinton Woman’s Club will also contribute to the Stowe Center a portion of funds raised through the gathering of hundreds of signatures for a scrapbook commemorating the 1852 presentation to Stowe of 568,000 signatures from woman of all economic levels in England, Ireland and Scotland who supported her views against slavery.  The scrapbook, with signatures from contemporary women, will also be donated to the Stowe Center.