Her words changed the world.

Pulitzer Luncheon Event Photos

Matteson, Hedrick & Applegate

(L to R) Joan Hedrick, Christiana Gianopulos, John Matteson, Debby Applegate & Katherine Kane

Applegate, Matteson, Hedrick

Pulitzer Prize Winners: Debby Applegate, John Matteson & Joan Hedrick at the Stowe Center on October 9, 2009

Agee & Kane

Anne Agee, Trustee & Katherine Kane, Executive Director

Spak & Bramson

Andrea Spak, Development Director & Judith Bramson, Trustee

DeVaughn & Hedrick

Booker DeVaughn & Joan Hedrick, Pulitzer Prize Winner 1995

Cooperative Systems

Event Sponsor: Cooperative Systems, Bob DeLisa and Robin Bosse with Deirdre Redden, Stowe Center Director of Finance

Luncheon Guests

Francine Christiansen, Susan Izard & Hope Eakins

Luncheon Guests

Christiana Gianopulos, Trustee Chair; Cynthia Reik; US Trust Sponsors: Susan Menson & Paula Healey, Trustee

Luncheon Guests

Linda Contaldi & Ann Gross

Matteson & Guest

Susan Aller & John Matteson, 2008 Pulitzer Prize Winner

Luncheon Guests

Tim Largay & Brewster Perkins

Luncheon Guests

Katherine Kane, Executive Director; Tom Scanlon & Mary Scanlon, Trustee

Matteson &  Guest

Karin Stahl & John Matteson

Luncheon  Guests

Carrie Hammond & Hope Eakins

Luncheon Guests

Carrie Hammond & Robert Gross

Luncheon Guests

Laura Grondin & Toni Fatone

Luncheon Guests

Event Sponsors: Shipman & Goodwin, LLC Barbara McGrath & Lyn Walker


Welcoming guests to the Stowe Center